Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Party DIY

Bruce and I work in the same department meaning only one holiday party!  In a way I am sort of excited about this because that means I only have to come up with one fancy holiday outfit.  My family will be in Florida this year for Christmas so no dressing up needed for Christmas mass and even though B and I are having our own holiday party it is not a formal attire type of function.  Luckily, when you graduate from an all women's college you tend to not only have a fabulous degree but also a fabulous collection of cocktail dresses!  I weeded through my closet a couple nights back and was able to find two contenders for the work holiday party, both of which I can pair with my knock-out glitter gold heels that I bought for a friend's rehearsal dinner.  Thankfully this only sends me out looking for a statement necklace, warm tights and a clutch.  

Thanks to a post from poppytalk spotlighting a DIY from Honestly WTF I think I might have the clutch figured out.  

Is this not a perfect holiday clutch?

Here is the one DIY'ed by Honestly WTF (click here for tutorial)

I think it is chic and stylish and will not only be perfect for the holiday party but soirees in the future.  What do you think?  Would you be brave enough to carry a clear clutch?

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